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LMTD is a creative agency with detailed insights, inspired solutions and tangible results. We’re able to help our clients grow through strategic thinking and creative execution.

Dubai-based Digital Strategy
Creative Digital Strategy

Key to any activity undertaken on digital media is a detailed and robust overarching strategy that helps to define the overall needs and objectives, and what methods and tactics will be deployed to meet them. This is fundamental and drives all elements of what we do for our clients and their campaigns.

Data Reporting and Middle Eastern Market Research
Reporting & Analytics

Unlike many other forms of marketing, digital media provides sheer volumes of data related to the performance of your brand's activities across all platforms. However, understanding what the data means and making the most out of it is where we can provide you with invaluable assistance. Our team will produce custom reports to help you interpret your results and fully comprehend the value social brings to your business.

Digital Media Agency Creating Content in MENA Region
Original Content Production

Content is king online - and even more so on social, where brands are fighting to attract the attention of their key audiences against friends, publications and other companies. Creating compelling written, visual and moving assets is paramount - our teams of in-house creatives are here to help.

Video production agency focused on Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Video Production

The moving image has always been an attention-grabbing source of inspiration for the viewer and this is even more the case with digital and social. We have the credentials and experience to bring your brand or campaign to life.

Social Media Agency in Dubai offering Community Management
Community Management

Social networking puts you and your brand shoulder to shoulder with your consumers on the same platforms they use to connect with friends and family, therefore you need to be present and available to engage. Our community managers will live and breathe your brand across your owned channels and respond quickly and effectively to any of your user's comment and queries fast and on message.

Dubai Creative Agency with Branding Capability
Brand Experiences

Creating experiences within your owned pages on digital and social can be a tricky challenge to overcome due to changing technologies and restrictions, plus coping with cross-browser and device compatibility. We have the expertise to deliver - be it a e-mail sign up app, a competition mechanic, fully fledged loyalty program or extensions into new arenas such as Facebook Canvas.

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